What to Look For in a Shopify Developer

When working with Shopify, you have the luxury of working with a highly branded platform, and with such popularity, it’s no wonder that you can choose between a massive selections of developers. That’s a good thing, for sure! And luckily, with Shopify’s interface, there’s quite a lot that you can tackle on your own, without the need to hire an extra developer. However, if you really want your site to shine and be cutting edge, hiring a Shopify Developer is going to be one of the most beneficial decisions you can make.

Think about what Shopify has to offer: When you use Shopify, instead of an open source platform like Magento, you get to work with a hosted platform that utilizes a user friendly interface. That means that there’s a lot that you can accomplish on your own, and that’s a good thing! However, a lot can be lost in translation when switching to Shopify. When you have certain quirks in your site that you love but don’t want to get lost in migration, you need to look into a developer that understands data migration and can ensure you a safe process that won’t leave anything behind.

What Should The Developer Know?
In reality, you want your developer to know all of the ins and outs of Shopify. In fact, whoever you hire should probably be a Shopify partner in the first place. A long history of experience goes a long way, and obviously this is not any different of a situation. That means that your developer is going to have a track record that you yourself can see by visiting previous client’s sites. Make sure you take the time to study up on what your developer has done in the past and see if it’s the kind of work that you’d like to see done on your own site.

Outside of proven experience, you also want to know how your developer gets their work done. Are they going to outsource their data migration? Do they have the expertise to do so in-house? You definitely want someone who can easily pick up app integration and make sure that none of the qualities of your site are lost in migration. There’s no way to tell if your developer knows what they’re doing other than checking out their previous work, so once again, a lot of these qualities can be proven through their history of success (or failure) with Shopify.

1Digital Can Be Your Shopify Developer
Here at 1Digital, we’ve been partners with Shopify since our inception. That means we’ve seen every little update, every little glitch, and every little problem, and we’ve dealt with them all for a plethora of clients. The fact of the matter is that we understand every little detail of Shopify, and we know how to bring out the best in your site. All of our data migration is in house, as well as our web design and development, so you don’t have to outsource to a third party. We can make sure that any interesting apps or features that you have on your site can be transitioned to Shopify, painlessly.

We don’t just want to help build you a site, but build you a better business. When you come to us with questions about Shopify, don’t forget all that 1Digital has to offer. eCommerce is our main game, so we can help you build a beautiful site as well as manage an incredibly effective SEO campaign. If that doesn’t seem appealing, we also work with PPC. Whatever eCommerce needs your business has, we’re here to help you work through them. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

9 Sep 2017